I’m a multidisciplinary designer with over six years of experience working mainly in digital design. I have worked with clients including Sony Music, University College London, IGN, Ted Baker and Dishoom. With an in-depth understanding of digital mediums, a keen eye for detail and a passion for both concepting and storytelling, I thrive in hands-on environments; thinking strategically and leading projects efficiently.

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Sony Music

Art Direction
Interaction Design
Visual Design

What is your musical DNA? I worked for Damn fine with Sony Music on this interactive quiz to distinguish a user’s musical DNA, provide information about how their information relates to those in the music industry and provide a customised playlist based on their answers.

Damn Fine, 2019
See Figma Prototype


One of the main challenges for the UX was to maintain user engagement throughout a lengthy, quite repetitive questioning process. Together we decided to break up the questions with feedback given to the user based on their core information - who they share their birthday with, what was number one in the week they were born etc. This provides spikes of interest throughout the quiz to encourage a user towards completion.


The visual concept process was based on organic or scientific graphic elements that provide direction, movement and interest to the page. To compliment this, the system design was kept scientific.


Another challenge was to create interactive elements for the answers to each question. The idea of a sliding scale was translated into musical elements.