I’m a multidisciplinary designer with over six years of experience working mainly in digital design. I have worked with clients including Sony Music, University College London, IGN, Ted Baker and Dishoom. With an in-depth understanding of digital mediums, a keen eye for detail and a passion for both concepting and storytelling, I thrive in hands-on environments; thinking strategically and leading projects efficiently.

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Peckham Levels

Studio NARI

Digital Art Direction
Interaction Design

NARI is a creative consultancy and branding studio, founded by the award winning Caterina Bianchini, established to bridge the gap between design and art. The anagrammatised mantra, ‘Not Always Right Ideas’ is at the core of everything they do. I worked in collaboration with Caterina to provide a platform to showcase their work, before and after the NARI refresh.

2018 & 2020
Live Site

Caterina Bianchini Studio

In 2018 I worked with Caterina on her studio’s showcase page and created a minimal format to express the Studios varied and extensive work. The format allowed for each project to have an individual identity - found through the user’s exploration.

Studio Nari

To reflect the change in the studios vibe, particularly that 'having a name that indicates or highlights a singular person just didn’t feel fitting anymore.', Caterina Bianchini Studio rebranded to NARI and required a refresh on their website. We worked on a new format for the homepage, contact and about pages whilst retaining many interactive elements with updated styling.